This Asus GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Is Cheaper Than on Black Friday

December 23, 2023 | by amiradmin


Hold Your Horses, Holiday Shoppers: Can This RTX 4070 Ti Really Beat Black Friday?

Remember the mad dash for graphics cards on Black Friday? The early mornings, the website crashes, the palpable fear of missing out on the one deal that would make your gaming rig complete? Well, hold onto your trigger fingers, because a new contender has entered the arena: the Asus GeForce RTX 4070 Ti, and it’s supposedly cheaper than it was during the holiday shopping frenzy. But before you start planning your victory lap, let’s pump the brakes and take a closer look.

The Claim: Headlines are shouting that the Asus RTX 4070 Ti is available for less than its Black Friday price tag. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it might be. Here’s why:

  • Black Friday Fluctuations: Black Friday deals aren’t static. Prices can vary depending on the specific retailer, model, and even hour of the day. Comparing one specific Asus model now to the lowest Black Friday price across all retailers might not be an apples-to-apples comparison.
  • Inventory Shenanigans: Remember the RTX 30-series stock shortages? Yeah, those haven’t completely disappeared. Limited availability can artificially inflate prices, making any current deal seem attractive, even if it’s not historically low.
  • The “Cheaper” Model: Is the cheaper model the exact same one you were eyeing on Black Friday? Specs and features can vary within the same series, so make sure you’re comparing the right options before celebrating.

So, Should You Bite?

Before you click “buy” on that seemingly irresistible deal, take a breath and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you actually need this card? Are you truly bottlenecked by your current GPU, or is this purchase driven by FOMO (fear of missing out)?
  • Have you compared prices across different retailers? Don’t assume this is the only good deal out there. Shop around and compare specs before committing.
  • Can you wait? New launches often see price drops and better deals a few months down the line. If you’re not desperate, patience might be a virtue.

The Bottom Line:

While the Asus RTX 4070 Ti being cheaper than on Black Friday is intriguing, it’s crucial to approach the claim with caution. Do your research, compare prices, and consider your actual needs before jumping on this bandwagon. Remember, a good deal only counts if it’s actually the right deal for you. Happy hunting!


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